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Dr. Jen Forstner

Owner of Vital Chiro Content

Hey there,


I’m Dr Jen, I’ve opened and grown a successful pediatric and prenatal chiropractic office. A few years into practice the beach was calling. I listened to the calling, sold my practice, and moved across the country to live out my dream. Sounds crazy right? I know, that’s what most of my family and friends thought too. However, now I get to start my day walking the beach with my dog and I get to help chiropractors on a larger scale. Through Vital Chiro Content I help chiropractors reach more people through social media. If you want to delegate your social media so that you can have more time for what fills your cup up, lets connect! My goal is to help you get back more of your time, all while growing your business!


I still love helping women manage their hormones. So if you are looking to learn more about hormone testing, feel free to schedule a free health discovery call!

Let's Start Working Together!

Highly Recommended

"I'm so thankful to have found Vital Chiro Content for my social media! My CA, who does our social media, went on maternity leave and I've been struggling to keep up. She makes it easy to post great content and educate our audience. I no longer worry about social media and it's a huge relief off my shoulders. Thank you Jen for making my life easier!"

Dr. Callie Horstman

The Hive Chiropractic Center

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