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Services & Pricing

We take the stress out of social media by managing your profiles across various platforms. We handle content creation, scheduling, and posting, ensuring that your social media accounts remain active and engaging.


Social Media Management

We will take a look at your ideal client(s) and create pillars around topics to post. Your social media should be fun and engaging for your audience with individualized pictures. That's why we work closely together to make sure our posts are reaching your perfect audience. 

Data & Research

Each month you will receive analytics on how your social media is performing. It's important to see where we can make improvements and grow your audience. Just like chiropractic care, we will shift our postings to best get your message to your audience! 

Administrative Support

We can help set up a Facebook page and/or Instagram page to help grow your social media presence. We will also help you set up your Meta account if you haven't already done this so that we can streamline your social media! 

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